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Gale 02Jul15: Agreed to include the Useful External Links portlet in the sidebar here and remove it from the source code, so that Manual editors control it.
  • Peter 27Aug15: I added this portlet.

    Gale: do you need to tweak the manual rollover from alpha to published so this portlet does not get duplicated?

  • Gale 05Oct15: Yes the currently added sidebar.html will need to be removed from the Audacity source code and references to it removed from the dump script in the source code. So if you want to go ahead this would create a P1 on Audacity Bugzilla.
    • Peter 12Oct15: I added this to Bugzilla as Bug #1240 - removed the P1 from here
Warning icon This online Manual is only for the latest 2.1.2-alpha development code. The online Manual for the current 2.1.1 release is here. Click here for legacy 1.2 documentation.

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Audacity 2.1.2 Manual

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Guide to the Audacity Project Window

Additional Menus on Mac

Additional Track types


Using Audacity

Index, Glossary and More

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