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Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbar provides clickable tools for: Cut, Copy and Paste
Tip The Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbar is NOT displayed by default in Audacity. To enable it, click on View > Toolbars and check on Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbar.
Cut Copy Paste Toolbar.png

The Cut tool  Cut  Edit > Cut or Ctrl + X

Removes the selected audio data and/or labels and places these on the clipboard. By default, any audio or labels to right of the selection are shifted to the left.

The Copy tool Copy Edit > Copy or Ctrl + C

Copies the selected audio data and/or labels to the clipboard without removing these from the project.

The Paste tool Paste  Edit > Paste or Ctrl + V

Paste either inserts the clipboard contents at the position of the selection cursor, or replaces a selected area with the clipboard contents.

The clipboard can only contain one item at a time, so cutting or copying to it always replaces any previous content. However that content may contain multiple audio tracks and/or label tracks of indefinite length, or multiple audio clips.