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Alert Please note This Toolbar has been withdrawn from Audacity version 3.2.0 onwards.

It's functionality has been merged with the updated Meter Toolbars which now also facilitate settings in addition to just metering.

Mixer Toolbar is where you adjust Recording Volume (the amplitude at which recordings will be made) and Playback Volume (how loud the project's audio sounds, not affecting the volume of exported audio).
Click on the toolbar image below to see this toolbar displayed in context of the default upper tooldock layout.
Grabber for positioning the toolbarFor positioning the toolbarSlider Recording for setting recording levelFor setting recording levelSlider Playback for setting playback levelFor setting playback levelResizer for lengthening or shortening the toolbarFor lengthening or shortening the toolbarMixerToolbarAnnotated.png
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Recording Volume Slider: Sets the recording volume.
Playback Volume Slider: Sets the playback volume.