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This page is an overview of the key new functionality that has been introduced in Audacity 2.2.1
  • Details of all the major changes since 2.2.0 can be found in Release Notes 2.2.1.
  • 2.2.1 is a very light release, basically a maintenance release, see below with one new exciting feature added. Plus we wanted to experiment with shorter release cycles.


  1. Waveform colorways
  2. "Save Other" reverts to "Export"
  3. Bug Fixes

Waveform colorways

You can optionally change the colorway of the waveforms displayed in your project. The setting is per track and not per project so you can have multiple colorways in the same project as in the image below.

Four colorways are available with the color selection made from the dropdown menu in the track's Track Control Panel.

Waveform colorways.png

"Save Other" reverts to "Export" in the File menu

When we made the menu changes for 2.2.0 we introduced an entry into the File menu called "Save Other" which led to a sub-menu for exporting various audio formats.

Many users were confused by this change and found it hard to find where they could export audio from. So for 2.2.1 we have changed that menu entry to be File > Export.

Click, or hover, on any menu item in the image to read about that command.  Skip the image
File MenuEdit MenuSelect MenuView MenuTransport MenuTracks MenuGenerate MenuEffect MenuAnalyze MenuHelp MenuExt-Bar MenuExt-Command MenuMenu BarCreates a new and empty project window to start working on new or imported TracksPresents you with a file selection dialog box to open filesLists the full path to the twelve most recently saved or opened projects or most recently imported audio filesCloses the current project window, prompting you to save your work if you have not savedSaves the current Audacity projectSame as "Save Project" above, but allows you to save a copy of an open project to a different name or locationFor exporting audio filesFor importing audio files or label files into your projectChains are Audacity's form of batch processingOpens the standard Page Setup dialog box prior to printingPrints all the waveforms in the current project window (and the contents of Label Tracks or other tracks), with the Timeline aboveCloses all project windows and exits AudacityExports to an MP3 fileExports to a WAV fileExports to an OGG fileExports to an audio fileExports selected audio to a fileExports audio at one or more labels to file(s)Exports multiple audio files in one process, one file for each track if there are multiple audio tracks, or labels can be added which then define the length of each exported fileExports MIDI (note tracks) to a MIDI fileAs for "Save Project", but compressed tooFile-Save OtherMenu.png

Bug Fixes

Release 2.2.1 is mainly a maintenance release as soon after the release of 2.2.0 we discovered some problematical bugs in Audacity:

  • Bug #1767 - Opening a second project from Mac's Finder produces a second inaccessible instance of Audacity
  • Bug #1770 - Crash applying certain chain files
  • Bug #1783 - Preview fails when selection extends before zero
  • Bug #1787 - Auto-scroll stopped working in 2.2.0
  • Bug #1765 - Using File > Open to import audio gives wrong zoom level and no scroll bar slider


> Audacity Release Notes 2.2.1 - detailed release notes for this release of Audacity