Warning - Orphan Block Files

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Block files: Audacity stores the audio data in multiple short sections or block files (normally six seconds long). For details please see Structure of an Audacity project.

This warning message will be shown when you attempt to open an Audacity project which has audio data which does not appear in any of the tracks in the project.

The warning dialog in project context

Warning - Orphan Block Files - in context.png

Your options

You have three options offered to you at this stage:

  • Continue without deleting; ignore the extra files this session (default):
    • Choosing this default option will cause Audacity to ignore the orphan files.
    • The orphan files will be saved if and when you subsequently Save the project, so the next time you Open the project you will get this message again.
  • Close project immediately with no further changes):
    • Choosing this option will cause Audacity to abandon the opening of the project.
    • Audacity will leave your data exactly as it was prior to you attempting to open the project.
  • Delete orphan files (permanent immediately):
    • If you choose this option Audacity will immediately and permanently delete all the orphan block files.
    • The next time you open the project you should no longer see this warning, Audacity will just open the project.
Warning icon Note that there is a chance that these orphan block files may belong to another project so take care when choosing this third option. Please see Warning - Missing Audio Data Block Files.

Once you have made your choice, simply click on the OK button.

The Log file

If you want to see further details of the orphan block files click on the Show log for details button.

Warning - Orphan Block Files - log file.png

The buttons

Clicking on the command buttons in the log file dialog give the following results:

  • Save gives you the option to Save the current Log file to a named location.
  • Clear clears the current Log file
  • Close closes this log file dialog and leaves the Log file as is.