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Items in the Clip Boundaries  cascading Edit menu let you create or remove separate clips in the audio track.

Split CTRL + I
Split New CTRL + ALT + I
Join CTRL + J
Detach at Silences CTRL + ALT + J

Split  CTRL + I

Splits the current clip into up to three clips at the selection boundaries. The audio before, within, and after the selection can now all be shifted independently


Split New  CTRL+ ALT + I

Does a Split Cut on the current selection in the current track, then creates a new track and pastes the selection into the new track.


Join  CTRL + J

If you select an area that overlaps one or more clips, they are all joined into one large clip. Regions in-between clips become silence.


Detach at Silences CTRL + ALT + J

In a selection region that includes absolute silence and other audio, creates individual non-silent clips between the regions of silence. The silence in the selection becomes blank space between the clips.


If the selection is entirely silence, it becomes blank space between the audio either side of the selection.

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