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An alternative Free Compressor

Chris's dynamic compressor by the late Chris Capel is a popular Nyquist plugin that tries to even out abrupt changes of volume by employing "lookahead" (this attempts to anticipate volume changes by starting to apply compression before the volume rises to the threshold level). There are options to soften the softer audio and invert loudness.

Several versions of this plugin may be downloaded

  • An archived 1.1 version of this plugin can be downloaded by left-clicking this link, then use the browser feature to save the web page in text format. Right-click and "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" may also work in some browsers. Archived documentation can be found here.
  • A more advanced 1.2.6 version of this plugin can be downloaded here. You can also listen to an audio podcast explaining how to use the effect.
  • Neither of the above versions can be modified or redistributed. We hope to make a freely-licensed version of this plugin available for separate download later, based on Chris's 1.2.7 Beta version which has a free MIT License. For more information, please visit this Forum thread.
See instructions for Nyquist plugin installation.
Tip See this external podcast tutorial on how to use Chris's Dynamic Compressor