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Cloud Preferences controls settings for cloud based project storage.

See Cloud use on the File Menu page.

Accessed by: Edit > Preferences > Cloud    (on a Mac Audacity > Preferences > Cloud )
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Enables you to link your account with Muse's site.

Your account must be linked to enable cloud based storage of projects.

Generate mixdown

Controls when a mixdown is made for Muse's site.

Options are:

  • Never
  • Always
  • Every "n saves" default is 5

Export behavior

Controls whether or not the Export to Cloud or to your computer dialog is shown when Exporting. Default is "on".

Save behavior

Controls whether or not the How would you like to Save dialog is shown when saving to Muse's Cloud. Default is "on".

Temporary Cloud files directory

Specifies the directory (folder) to be used for temporary workfiles when you are working on a Cloud based project.