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The Extra > Seek menu provides menu equivalents for the short and long seek commands.
The Extra menu provides access to additional Commands that are not available in the normal default Audacity menusThe Help Menu lets you find out more about the Audacity application and how to use it.  It also includes some diagnostic tools.Extra commands related to play and recordExtra commands to select the toolExtra commands related to volumeExtra commands related to editingExtra commands related to play at speedExtra commands related to seekingExtra commands related to selecting a deviceExtra commands related to selectingExtra commands to set focus, usually focus on one trackExtra commands to move the cursorExtra commands to operate on a track that has focusThese commands were originally written for scripting Audacity, e.g via a Python script that use mod-script-pipeLike Scriptables I, but these ones are less commonly used from the menuToggle full screen mode with no title barSkips the playback cursor back one second by defaultSkips the playback cursor forward one second by defaultSkips the playback cursor back 15 seconds by defaultSkips the playback cursor forward 15 seconds by defaultThe MenusExtra-SeekMenu.png
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These commands skip the playback cursor backwards (left) or forwards (right) by a short or long period of time. You can change the length of the default short or long period to be skipped at "Seek Time when playing" in the Playback Preferences.

You cannot seek backwards to left of the current position of the playback cursor.

Short Seek Left During Playback  Left

Moves play head left by 1 second.

Short Seek Right During Playback  Right

Moves play head right by 1 second.

Long Seek Left During Playback  Shift + Left

Moves play head left by 15 seconds.

Long Seek Right During Playback  Shift + Right

Moves play head right by 15 seconds.