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Application Preferences controls settings for the application. Currently there is only the single setting for updating Audacity but more settings will be added in the future.

Accessed by: Edit > Preferences > Application    (on a Mac Audacity > Preferences > Application )
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Application Preferences.

Update Audacity

  • Check for updates: This enables you to turn Audacity update checking "on" or "off", it is "on" by default.
Audacity checks for updates to see if a new update of Audacity is available, it pops up a dialog informing you if and when an updated version of Audacity is available.

This is done on launch and then after every 12 hours while Audacity is open.

This is not an automatic update, update does not happen without you choosing to do so.

Tip The setting you make here is not reset by using Tools > Reset Configuration

Initial launch of Audacity

The first time that you launch Audacity after installing or updating you will see this dialog:

Update checking dialog.png

It has a direct link to Application Preferences enabling you to turn update checking "off" in order to opt-out of update checking.