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This resets your Audacity configuration: toolbars, preferences and export settings to default settings.
Advice Be aware that this command acts immediately with no dialog and no choice of actions or chance to abort.

Undo is not available for this command.

Accessed by: Tools > Reset Configuration
There is no dialog associated with this command


All toolbars are reset to their default position and size.

All toolbars, with the exception of Time Signature toolbar, are reset to their default parameter settings.

Preferences and Export settings reset


Using Reset Configuration will reset all your Audacity Preferences settings to their default "factory settings".

The exception is the setting for "Check for updates" in Application Preferences, which remains unaltered with the use of this command.


Any modules will no longer be listed on the modules preferences page, and will be searched for afresh next time you restart Audacity.

Export settings

Any export format settings from your last use of any export command will be reset to default by using Reset Configuration

Window size

The size of your Audacity window will be reset to its default size with this command.

It will not be placed in its default centre screen position.

What is not reset

Update checking

Settings in Toolbars

  • Time Signature toolbar the settings in this (off by default) toolbar are not changed. This is because the time signature is part of your project and is stored with the project.

Settings in Effects Generators and Analyzers

  • Plugin Manager: the Enabled / Disabled settings that you have made for Effects, Generators and Analyzers will not be changed.
  • User Presets that you have saved for any Effect, Generator or Analyzer will not be removed by Reset Configuration.
Importantly this includes equalization settings you may have made in Filter Curve EQ and Graphic EQ.
  • Last-used parameter settings that you may have used in any Effect, Generator or Analyzer are not reset to default values.
If you need or want to reset these to Factory default values for any particular Effect, Generator or Analyzer please use the Manage button and choose Factory Presets.

Font setting for Label tracks

  • The global Font setting made in any label track's drop-down menu is not changed by Reset Configuration.

Recent Files

The recent files available from Files > Recent Files is not cleared and remains intact.


Any plugins that you have added will not be removed.


Macros that you have created will not be removed or altered by using this command.

Full reset

If you require a full reset to make all Audacity settings the way the were when Audacity was installed then please see this FAQ.

Be aware that doing so will also remove all the items above in What is not reset as well as the items in Preferences and Export settings reset.