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Advice The old Time Shift Tool Time Shift Tool button has been replaced by Clip-handles.
  • Clip-handles are the rounded corners above the clip which feature the clip title.
  • You can move clips around by simply clicking and dragging the Clip-handle.
  • You can rename clips by double-clicking the Clip-handle.

    Please see: Audacity Tracks and Clips

Moving Clips

To move a clip, simply drag and drop it using the Clip-handle (the light area with the rounded corners) at the top of the clip.


To move multiple clips at once, select all of the clips you want to move using the Selection ToolSelection Tool, then drag a Clip-handle within the selected region to move all selected clips. This will also move the selection area with it.

If you click a Clip-handle drag-bar outside of the selected area, the selected area will stay where it is and you'll only move one clip.

Note that moving clips can make use of the yellow Boundary Snap Guides (also seen in the chapter on Audacity Selection). When you move a clip, Audacity will snap the left or right boundary of a clip to the nearest edge of a clip in any other track marking it with a yellow vertical line, making it very easy to line up clips during editing.

See: Audacity Tracks and Clips for more details on moving audio clips.

Label track drag-bars

Label tracks don't feature Clip-handles, but they can be moved around just the same: Simply click on the label (the bar for region labels, the circle for point labels) and drag them to their new place.

See: Editing, resizing and moving Labels for more details on moving labels.