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Toolbars provide quick access to many functions in Audacity. In some cases the functions provided by a toolbar are available only through that toolbar.
Tip For details of the toolbars and what they do, see Toolbars Overview.
Toolbars menu 3-6-0.png
This menu shows and hides toolbars.
  • Click on the check marks to hide or show a toolbar.
  • Click on 'Reset Toolbars' to get back to the default selection and position of toolbars.

Toolbars - upper and lower dock areas

There are two dock areas for toolbars in Audacity. By default, most of the Audacity toolbars are in the upper dock, with only the Selection Toolbar in the lower dock.

Toolbars can be arranged and resized within either of the two docks, or floated free of the docks.

Upper Toolbar dock area

Upper Tooldock 3-6-0.png
The Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbar though shown here is not enabled by default.

Lower Toolbar dock area

Lower Tooldock 3-6-0.png

Reset Toolbars  

Using View > Reset Toolbars positions all toolbars in default location and size as they were when Audacity was first installed.

Advice Note that View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars does not reset the parameter settings in the various toolbars.
  • The exception to this is Time Toolbar which does get reset to its default hh:mm:ss default setting.
  • For a full reset of toolbars including settings use instead Tools > Reset Configuration.

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