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Clip Fix... attempts to reconstruct clipped regions by interpolating the lost signal. It is only likely to be effective for repairing lightly clipped audio.
Accessed by: Effect > Noise Removal and Repair > Clip Fix...
Clip Fix 3-2-0.png

Threshold of Clipping (%)

How close to the maximum sample magnitude any sample must be to be considered clipped.

  • If processing is slow, select only a few seconds of clipped audio at a time.
  • This effect assumes that the audio is clipped at the same dB level for both positive and negative peaks. If either the top or bottom of the waveform is successfully reconstructed but not both, try applying DC offset correction before applying Clip Fix.

Reduce amplitude to allow for restored peaks (dB)

This enables you to reduce the amplification of the current selection (default is -9 dB) to provide headroom for the clip-fixed reconstruction.


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