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These tools perform the same functions as those accessible through the Edit Menu, View Menu and keyboard shortcuts.
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Top row

The Zoom In tool Zoom In  View > Zoom > Zoom In or Ctrl + 1

Zooms in to a higher magnification level. You can continue to zoom in until you reach the level of displaying individual audio samples.

The Zoom Out tool Zoom Out  View > Zoom > Zoom Out or Ctrl + 3

Zooms out to a lower magnification level. You can zoom out so far as to fit 228 hours of audio on the screen.

The Fit Selection tool Zoom to Selection  View > Zoom > Zoom to Selection or Ctrl + E

Zooms a selection region in or out so that it fits in the available horizontal window area. The button is therefore grayed out unless a selection region is made.

The Fit to Width tool Fit to Width  View > Track Size > Fit to Width or Ctrl + F

Zooms in or out so that the entire audio of the project fits in the available horizontal track area.

The Zoom Toggle tool Zoom Toggle  View > Zoom > Zoom Toggle or Shift + Z

Zooms between two preset levels. These can be set using Tracks preferences.

Bottom row

The Trim tool Trim Audio  Edit > Remove Special > Trim Audio or Ctrl + T

Trim Audio removes (hides) all audio but the selection, the hidden audio data can be dragged out and made available later if required, see Audio Tracks and Clips for more details.

If there are other separate clips in the same track these are not removed or shifted unless trimming the entire length of a clip or clips. Does not affect label tracks.

The Silence tool Silence Audio  Edit > Remove Special > Silence Audio or Ctrl + L

Silence Audio replaces the currently selected audio with absolute silence. Does not affect label tracks.

The Undo tool Undo  Edit > Undo and Ctrl + Z

Reverts the last editing operation. Audacity supports unlimited "stepwise" undo. This means you can undo every editing operation back to the last time the project was opened, but you cannot undo one particular edit without also undoing any changes made after that edit. You can review your editing history and jump straight back to any particular edit point at View > History....

The Redo tool Redo  Edit > Redo or Ctrl + Y (on Mac Shift + Ctrl + Z

Restores the previous editing operation that was just undone. Note: If you undo an operation then perform any new one that appears in the Undo History, you can no longer redo that undone operation.