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The Help Menu lets you find out more about the Audacity application and how to use it. It also includes some more advanced tools such as for taking Audacity screenshots, or viewing log messages generated by the application.
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Analyze MenuHelp MenuExtra MenuMenu BarA brief version of help with some of the most essential informationOpens the manual in the default browserTakes you to Screenshot tools and BenchmarkingA set of diagnostic toolsChecks online to see if this is the latest version of AudacityBrings a dialog with information about Audacity, such as who wrote it, what features are enabled and the GNU GPL v2 licenseHelpMenu.png
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Quick Help  

The "Getting Started" section of our Manual - quick information, which will be displayed in your browser, on how to play, record and edit audio, and export to an audio file like MP3 or WAV.


Takes you to the main sections of our Manual, displayed in your browser:


The Tools submenu provides tools for screen image capture and benchmarking for diagnostic purposes.


The Diagnostics submenu has a set of tools to aid diagnosing problems in Audacity.

Check for Updates...  

This takes you to the Download page of the Audacity website where you can see what the latest release version of Audacity is. You can compare the latest release with the version you have now, which will be shown at "?from_ver" in the browser's address bar and which you can also see at About Audacity....

About Audacity...  

Displays the "About Audacity" dialog, containing tabs for:

  • Audacity version information, credits and list of libraries used in Audacity
  • Build information for the current build, including file format support, enabled libraries and features and the source code commit number that the build was made from
  • GPL v2 License.
Note: on Macs this item is under the Audacity menu.