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Audacity 3.6 Reference Manual

Guide to the Audacity Project Window

File MenuEdit MenuSelect MenuView MenuTransport MenuTracks MenuGenerate MenuEffect MenuAnalyze MenuTools MenuExtra MenuHelp MenuMenu BarTransport ToolbarTools ToolbarEdit ToolbarAudio Setup ToolbarShare Audio ToolbarRecording Meter ToolbarPlayback Meter ToolbarTimeline context menuTimelineTrack Control PanelVertical ScaleClip-handle drag-barLeft Channel of Stereo Audio TrackRight Channel of Stereo Audio TrackLabel TrackTime Signature ToolbarSnapping ToolbarTime Toolbar - audio positionSelection ToolbarPlay-at-Speed ToolbarimageStatus BarFront Page 3-6-0 78 numbered.png
Advice This image (and many other waveform images in the manual) has RMS display turned on, the light color in the center of the waveform.

Help buttons

  • Help Button Some places in Audacity have a help button, click for the relevant Manual page.

Additional Menus on Mac

Audacity Reference Guide

Audacity Fundamentals

Audacity Tracks

Index, Glossary and More

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