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Silence generates audio of zero amplitude; that is, silence. The only configurable setting being duration.

When applied to an audio selection, the result is identical to Edit > Remove Special > Silence Audio.

Advice Note carefully that when you apply a Generator to a selected time-stretched clip the changed speed of the clip will be automatically rendered.
  • If you apply a Generator to a selection within a time-stretched clip then Audacity will split the original clip so that the selection can be rendered as part of applying the Generator

Accessed by: Generate > Silence
Silence 3-5-0.png
The image above illustrates replacing a selection region with generated audio.


Type (or use the keyboard arrows) to enter the required Duration. If the first digit you want is highlighted, just type the whole number. If the required first digit is not highlighted, use Left or Right arrow on your keyboard to move to the first digit, then type. You can also increment a highlighted digit with keyboard Up or Down arrow instead of typing.

  • When generating at the cursor, Duration initializes to 30.000 seconds (except for the DTMF generator which defaults to 1.000 second). However, your last entered Duration is always remembered.
  • When replacing a selection region, Duration always displays the exact duration of that selection to the nearest audio sample.


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